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Funny thing, I did a creative photo session with Jenn 8 months before this maternity photo session, but little did she know that she was hapai (pregnant)!?! I found out a few weeks later when I sent her the final edits from that photo shoot.

I wanted to wait until she showed in her 2nd trimester before we scheduled this photo session. I also needed her husband, Edric, to be part of this photoshoot. With my assistant, we went to their home & I set up my portable backdrop. It was an easy setup & so portable I could take it anywhere. It took us about 5 minutes to have it up & ready to go. Very basic 2-light setup with a 42” umbrella as my key & a 24” octa as a rim.

I would LOVE to use my 42” and 65” umbrellas more often when shooting my environmental portraiture, but outdoors, the wind in Hawaii is always an issue! The light coming out of these is so soft and beautiful, it literally takes my breath away!

I love using my Flashpoint/Godox AD100 Pro lights on all my creative shoots. I have 4 of them and have stopped bringing my AD200 and AD300 Pro strobes to location shoots unless it’s in the afternoon.

Jenn was great with her facial expressions and posing, which made things much easier for the photoshoot to flow smoothly. I always create a mood board as a reference for posing and lighting. I do this with all of my creative shoots, and also creating a mood board can help to speed up a photo session.

Jenn & Edric are an amazing couple, I enjoyed the shoot & together, we made some beautiful images!

A work in progress...Learn, grow...repeat!


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