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Aloha, I'm Ryan Sakamoto, born & raised on the island of Oahu. I am a Honolulu photographer passionate about helping couples, families, & individuals have something tangible to look back on of their precious memories. With over 20 years as a photographer I'm passionate about capturing genuine emotions and telling stories through my photography.  As a family man & father of 2 daughters it’s important to me for all of my subjects to be safe & feel comfortable during all of our photoshoots. It’s also my goal for it to be a fun experience for everyone involved!


"I love helping people see themselves in a different light & feel empowered by the final photos of themselves." - Ryan

Our ‘Dream You’ Photoshoots were born out of my wild imagination for my photography art! I’m obsessed with lighting & love my Sci-fi fantasy movies. Bringing the special effects that you may see in movies like Spiderman, The Avengers, Thor & Star Wars to life in one of my frames gets me excited but more importantly I love helping people see themselves in a different light & feel empowered by the final photos of themselves. With my past experience of coordinating everything that goes into a creative concept photoshoot I want to make it easy for you to make your dream photoshoot come true by taking care of everything.


When I say I am passionate about photography, I think it may be more of an obsession. In my downtime when I’m not capturing your memories, my hobby is more photography! I enjoy photographing beautiful sunrise-sunset seascapes & recently, street photography too.

If you're looking for a photographer to capture the unique love story between you, your partner, your family, or yourself look no further! As your Oahu photographer here in Honolulu, I want you to be able to share all your stunning photos for a lifetime and tell your unique story for generations to come.


Available for photography in the neighbor islands of Maui, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Hilo & Kona for all your photographic needs


Aloha & I hope to work with you in the near future!

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